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Website Terms of Use 

We hope you find this website useful. Although we make every effort to ensure that all information that appears here is accurate, please understand that this website does not constitute an agreement or an offer to enter into one and does not constitute a representation or promise of any kind; it’s simply to provide basic information and to enable you to contact us. If you wish to contact us, please see our privacy policy. The only information, representations, and promises that are binding on us are those in contractural agreements. If you see information that you believe is inaccurate or if you have questions please let us know. 


Website Privacy Policy

Information we collect and how we use it:


When you visit our website, our servers collect the basic technical information necessary to maintain the connection with and functionality of your browser, ensure the proper operation of our systems, and recognize abuses, namely:

  • the IP address you’re using to access our site,
  • which browser and operating system you’re using to view our site,
  • the pages you view while accessing our site, and
  • the timestamps of your visit.

We use website analytics and tag managers from companies such as Google, Hotjar, and Hubspot to optimize our website and determine which parts of it visitors find most useful and interesting. We do not disclose the information we receive from such companies to any third parties, nor do we use it to attempt to identify you, track you or your use of our site over time. There is no third-party advertising on our site and thus no advertiser links or third party advertiser tracking attempts.


Our website has two pages where you can provide us with your personal information:  The get in touch area on our home page, and the “contact us” page. The information you provide to us via those pages is encrypted but for ethical reasons it is NOT subject to the attorney-client privilege, because – among other reasons – we must complete a conflict check before agreeing to represent any new client, your communications with us via our website tool does not establish an attorney-client relationship between you and our firm or any attorney, and for that reason you should not send any confidential or time-sensitive information via this website. We keep copies of your communications to us and we enter the information you provide into our client relations database so as to enable us to correspond with you about the topics you contacted us about. We also use it to schedule meetings with you, and to send you (via email or postal mail) newsletters and other informational or marketing materials we think might be relevant to your request. Such materials will come only from us; we do not disclose your personal information or the contents of our communications with you to any third party without your consent (except to the extent we are required to do so as a result of legal process). We may provide links to third party websites and social networks; if you click on those links, the privacy policies of those websites and social networks will apply, and it’s possible that they might add new information regarding your visit to our site to whatever information they already have about you. You may opt out of further communications from us at any time; just send us a written request to that effect. For proper recordkeeping purposes we reserve the right to maintain copies of all our communications with you. In the unlikely event of a data breach, we will comply with all applicable data breach laws.