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The Team That Puts You First

Everything we do is done with heart. It’s the guiding principle that leads people to join our team and directs the work we do.

We’re Ohioans, committed to understanding your problems and concerns, and dedicated to helping you plan for life ahead.

Greg Aler

People come in with different goals and concerns each and every day. No two families are alike. We get to build customized plans and then stay by their side for the rest of their life making…
Meet Greg

Tim Stallings

The families we help are just like mine; hard-working folks who want to protect their assets and not leave a mess for their loved ones.  
Meet Tim

Bryan Montana

There’s not much better than helping someone through a tough situation. It makes everything we do worth it.
Meet Bryan

Amy Himmelrick

I consider AlerStallings a community.  A community of attorneys and staff committed to helping people.
Meet Amy

Anna Christine

Families come in with different goals and problems every day. We get to solve-problems and achieve their goals by listening carefully to their needs and wants and crafting a unique plan for them.
Meet Anna

Carmen Verhosek

Being part of a community means I belong to something greater than just me. It means that I am part of something and that I am never alone in my fight.    
Meet Carmen

Jessa Gary

We get to build customized plans and then stay by families sides for the rest of their life making sure they reach their goals. The impact on peoples lives and the community is reason enough to…
Meet Jessa

Brandon Finley

Each client case is different. Every family has different needs and areas to tend to. We are able to create plans for each unique case to help solve their current problems, and then continue to stay…
Meet Brandon

Maggie Kimmel

AlerStallings offers continued support through all seasons of life to make sure our clients’ estate plans are up to date and reflect their current wishes.
Meet Maggie

Phil Truax

A business or a family is often only as good as its community.  So it’s important to us to be reliable resource for all our communities, doing our part to offer support and guidance.
Meet Phil

John Saccoccia

This isn’t about winning arguments, or negotiating the big settlement for a client. This is about helping people protect what they’ve worked so hard for.
Meet John

We'd love to help you reach your goals.