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Our People Have
Heart and Smarts

Your next job may be at AlerStallings. That is, of course, if you have the right experience and heart. That means you not only care about the work you do, you care about the people you’re doing it for.

If that sounds like you, read on to learn more about how we help our fellow Ohioans every single day.

Key Milestones


Dedicated team members in cities throughout Ohio


Events in more than 70 locations across the state every year


VA and Medicaid applications filed every year


Asset Protection plans designed, built and still supporting


State and National business awards received

Support Team
AlerStallings is not the average law firm and the people who work here are not average team members. Everyone who joins our firm—from administration to maintenance—is committed to contributing, adding value, and helping us serve our clients with heart.

Our support personnel own vital elements of our process and help us deliver the kind of service our clients have come to expect. In fact, they’re often the first and last people our clients see. So, the people who succeed here are those who are familiar with being the office go-to, the people who create connections, and the ones who aren’t afraid to share opinions.


Those who are ready to be part of something important, may be ready to start a career as part of the AlerStallings Support Team. Because we’re not just a place you’ll love to start working, we’re a place you’ll want to stay at for a very long time.

If you’re a paralegal who wants to kick off a new career or be master of the one you have, you may thrive as part of the AlerStallings team. Our paralegals have the opportunity to take on meaningful roles, run cases, and make a great living doing it.

At AlerStallings, we know how valuable a great paralegal can be to our firm and the clients we serve. That’s why we trust them to meet and build relationships with clients, do work that matters, stand side-by-side with other associates, and empower their own success.


When you want ownership of the work you do and the ability to manage your cases, without the negatives that come at some firms, take a look at career opportunities with AlerStallings.

At AlerStallings, we know what we do is more than a job. It’s a purpose fueled by our need to help people, make a difference, and be our very best. It’s part of what inspired us through at least seven years of schooling, and continues to drive us today.

Our Associates have heart, which is why they do work that matters instead of just billing hours. That means they don’t spend their first four years making copies, fielding phone calls, or dreaming about training and opportunity. They get access to the necessary tools to build a strong network that attracts people in need of our services. They meet with, and help, clients from day one. They design, recommend, and support plans that work. And they always have a clear vision of what they’re doing, mentors who can help them, and guidance on what they can build.


If you’re ready for a career that gives you responsibility and a future, then you might be ready to join AlerStallings. We’re always looking for motivated attorneys who want to help our team find creative solutions to legal and people problems.

Sometimes when you reach the mountaintop, you find the view isn’t quite what you expected. At AlerStallings, our partners not only love what they see, they love that they can see themselves doing it for a very long time.

Partners with AlerStallings have reached the highest levels because they understand that leading a successful firm is about more than the law and billing hours. It’s also about the business. It’s about knowing what needs to be delivered, adopting the best strategies, and managing the marketing budgets and teams that make it happen. Most of our partners don’t have backgrounds in Elder Law or Estate Planning, and that’s OK. We seek people who are the right fit for our firm and provide the tools and training to make them experts in those fields.


When you’re ready to be a partner that makes the decisions, does the work to achieve success, and earns the rewards for everything you’ve done, consider AlerStallings. We know what it takes to help our clients, associates, and firm succeed. That’s why we’re always looking for talented, motivated partners to join us and achieve even more.

Incredible Benefits

Competitive Salary

Earn performance bonuses while receiving a salary that is at the top of the market. You can also receive a 401k, profit sharing plan, along with medical, dental and vision insurance.

Paid Time Off

Take time away from the office with two weeks of PTO and two more weeks of paid shutdown time in July and December.

Ongoing Training

Each new hire will enjoy our 2-day orientation experience to meet the team and learn more about how we work. Next, they will participate in our first month, which we call the ‘In Training’ program, which includes daily training sessions. Ongoing group lunch workshops and one-on-one training never end.

Team Building

Be part of a committed team that delights in happy hours, dinners, and quarterly firm-wide team bonding activities. From our social committee to our strategic leadership team, we are committed to teamwork.

If you have heart,
when can you start?

AlerStallings is a team of people who care about doing things differently and being part of a fast-growing organization with ever-expanding opportunities.

All of our position can be bucketed into four groups. Each group integrates with the others seamlessly to create an unmatched experience for our clients.

Open Positions

We’re always looking for dedicated, talented people to join our team. If you’re committed to serving clients with heart and being part of a real team, apply today.

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