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Elder Law and
Estate Planning
In Westlake, OH


AlerStallings has offices across Ohio. Each has a team of
experienced experts dedicated to offering Elder Law and Estate
Planning services. So you get people who not only understand
you, they know how to help you and protect your family.

Customized Plans in Ohio

When you rely on the AlerStallings Westlake office, you’ll find a dedicated team of attorneys ready to help you reach your goals with the following services.

Elder Law Support

Preserve your assets in the face of pricey nursing home or long-term care stays.

Estate Planning

No matter where you are in life, it's smart to protect assets from taxes, long-term care, and probate.

Probate & Estate Administration

Get help handling probate, creditors, and taxes when a loved one passes.

Veteran’s Planning

Trust our VA-accredited attorneys to help you receive every service you’re eligible for.

Phil Truax

A business or a family is often only as good as its community.  So it’s important to us to be reliable resource for all our communities, doing our part to offer support and guidance.
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Carmen Verhosek

Being part of a community means I belong to something greater than just me. It means that I am part of something and that I am never alone in my fight.    
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Tim Stallings

The families we help are just like mine; hard-working folks who want to protect their assets and not leave a mess for their loved ones.  
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