Powers of Attorney

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A serious healthcare issue requires serious medical treatment. But it also requires serious legal planning. Because if you find yourself unable to make decisions and without legal tools naming someone to help, you’ll have a mess.

Who will decide on your medical care and make sure your bills get paid? Without planning, your loved ones will have to go to court and file for guardianship, a costly and often frustrating process. Powers of attorney are legal documents that designate a person to act on your behalf. While these documents are straightforward, they are vital and must be executed properly.

Health Care Power of Attorney

You might use the term Medical Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, Health Care Agent, or Attorney-In-Fact. These terms are largely interchangeable and we call the document a Health Care Power of Attorney. Executing a Health Care Power of Attorney means you are giving someone the legal authority to speak for you and make medical decisions for you if you are unable. The designated person should have the ability to choose your medical providers and the types of treatment and be able to access your medical records.

It is important to know that medical laws have changed dramatically over the past few years, so be sure that you have an up-to-date Health Care Power of Attorney that provides your designated person all the authority that he or she may need to assist and advocate on your behalf.

Financial Power of Attorney

A Financial Power of Attorney is a powerful tool when it comes to protecting you and your assets in a health crisis. If you can’t pay your bills or handle your own personal affairs, you need someone to do so for you. Executing an individualized Financial Power of Attorney creates the tool that your designated person will need, whether you are incapacitated temporarily or permanently. Your designated person should be able to continue your affairs

You have bills and responsibilities, so you need a Financial Power of Attorney. Keep in mind that the scope of a Financial Power of Attorney can be broad or narrow and are not a one-size-fits-all tool. Specifically, as elder care law attorneys, we want to make sure that the powers are comprehensive and would allow a family member to take steps, no matter how extraordinary, to help protect assets for a loved one in a health crisis.

You probably knew you needed Powers of Attorney before you got to our webpage! Whether you need a power of attorney or need to know if you should update your existing one, the attorneys here at AlerStallings can help.