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Estate Planning vs. Financial Planning

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How is an Estate Planning Attorney Different Than a Financial Planner?


As you approach the later stages of your life, it is important that you take steps to help preserve your assets. Far too many people put this crucial activity off, and then ultimately find that they have little (or no) assets left to pass on to their heirs.

An important distinction you will need to understand is the difference between a financial planner and an estate planning attorney. While a financial planner can be an important part of your overall asset preservation strategy, you simply cannot adequately protect your finances without a good estate planning attorney.



Estate Planners Look at the Big Picture


A financial planner can help you diversify financial assets so as to mitigate certain risks; on the other hand, an estate planner can help you prepare for the future unknown. Whether you are concerned about burning through your assets in the event of an unforeseen illness or designating someone to act on your behalf in the event of your incapacity, an estate planning attorney can help.



Estate Planning: A Plan to Prepare for the Unknown


In estate planning, the goal is to help you prepare for all of those things you simply cannot predict.

Although it is a certainty that we will all eventually pass on, the path between here and there is full of unpredictable circumstances. There are countless ways that you could end up losing the wealth you have worked so hard to amass, before you can pass it on to your heirs.

Estate planning lets you take the uncertainty out of life at any stage. If you are a parent with a minor child, it lets you exercise control over who would care for your child in the event of your death. It lets you choose someone you trust to make tough decisions if you are unable to. And it helps preserve your assets in the event of a costly illness or injury.

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