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Don't Bet the Farm - Using an LLC to Protect Your Family

Don’t Bet the Farm – Using an LLC to Protect Your Family


A farm business or operation can take the form of any number of business entities. Traditionally, farms were either sole proprietorships or partnerships. A number of farms, both large and small, began incorporating (into either s-corp’s or c-corp’s) several decades ago. With favorable changes in the law with regard to LLCs in Ohio, many farmers have begun taking advantage of the many benefits that come with establishing a farm LLC.



America.  Where anyone, from anywhere, with any background, can start their own business and be the next billionaire tycoon.  The reality is that most start-ups aren’t born in a boardroom, but around some friends at a bar or maybe in a garage or basement.  And while these great ideas gain momentum and the businesses that result begin …