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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Asset Protection


By: Bryan Montana

Asset Protection is an important area of Estate Planning that, in a nut-shell, deals with preserving your hard-earned assets from potential costs such as Probate, Taxes and Long-Term Care costs.  Here are five tips about Asset Protection that every person should know.

1. Probate – Where Am I?

Why don’t more people complain about probate?  …

Taking Care of Mom – Making a Tough Conversation Easier


Earlier this week we celebrated Mother’s Day, one of our nation’s most precious holidays.  Your mom has been there for you during the happiest and the saddest times. She was your first love, your first friend, and even your first big fight. She was the cool hand on your forehead when you were …

Don't Bet the Farm - Using an LLC to Protect Your Family

Don’t Bet the Farm – Using an LLC to Protect Your Family


A farm business or operation can take the form of any number of business entities. Traditionally, farms were either sole proprietorships or partnerships. A number of farms, both large and small, began incorporating (into either s-corp’s or c-corp’s) several decades ago. With favorable changes in the law with regard to LLCs in Ohio, many farmers have begun taking advantage of the many benefits that come with establishing a farm LLC.