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Need help paying for long term care costs? If so, you may be eligible for thousands a month. Even if you've tried and failed, our VA-accredited attorneys can get you through the red tape and have you receiving VA benefits. For help getting approved, stop by a seminar or schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation.

Aid & Attendance Pension

“Are you eligible for the Special VA Pension?”

This monthly pension can be used for nursing home, assisted living, and even home care services and support. Up to $2,000 every month. Never heard of it? Well, you’re not alone. Most veterans haven’t. Even worse, some were mistakenly told they weren’t eligible. Sure, there are health, financial, and service requirements, but we have specialized tools and strategies to make sure you are eligible before you apply. So having “too many assets” should not be a barrier to obtaining the benefits you earned for serving your country. For help with receiving VA benefits, call us to schedule a complimentary 15 minute telephone consultation.

VA Application

“How do you apply?”

First, you or your spouse must determine whether you’re eligible. There are confusing health, service, and financial requirements. Then, you mail your application to a mysterious, far away land known as the Veteran Affair’s office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Then you have to wait—sometimes just to be told that you need to find missing documentation that you have already sent to the VA office. Our VA-accredited attorneys know the process and have custom software that makes sure all our applications are accurate and complete before we submit them. For help getting the application approved, call us to schedule a complimentary 15 minute telephone consultation.

Family Caregivers

“Can your child receive money for being a caregiver?”

In many cases, yes. The Aid & Attendance program allows for your child to be your caregiver. That means the VA will pay your child up to $2000 each month for providing you care and support. We understand that family caregivers often provide their services and time free of charge. But this program allows them to be compensated all for their hard work. However, to make sure that your child is eligible, you must be certain the proper documentation is in place. Having the wrong paperwork, or NO paperwork, on file can cause unforeseen tax issues and future benefit eligibility problems. Our team can make sure that the correct paperwork is in place for child to receive these benefits. For help getting your child compensated for his or her efforts, call us to schedule a complimentary 15 minute telephone consultation.

Other VA Programs

“What programs does the VA offer?”

Veterans Affairs offers a variety of programs that include pension assistance programs, long-term care and medical services, retirement facilities, and burial benefits. These programs have different eligibility requirements that depend on your service, health, financial situation, and marital status. Be careful. Submitting an application on your own that has incomplete or incorrect information could result in significant delays or make you ineligible for that program. It is always best to consult with a VA-accredited attorney before submitting an application. To learn more about these programs, call us to schedule a complimentary 15 minute telephone consultation.

If you are a veteran who is preparing to retire or is in need of long-term care, it is important to understand programs that are available to help you with long-term care costs down the road. The Department of Veteran Affairs (the “VA”) provides a number of ways for our veterans to afford the care they need without risking everything they’ve saved.

VA Aid & Attendance Pension

The VA Aid & Attendance Pension is a special monthly pension that can help cover your home care services, assisted living costs, or nursing home costs. You may be eligible for over $2,000 in support every month. Our research shows that less than 5% of eligible veterans, spouses of veterans, and widows of veterans ever receive this financial help.  Many have not heard of this program or believe they are not eligible.

While the VA Aid & Attendance Pension is a monthly pension that can be used for care costs, you don’t have to use a third-party provider.  In fact, many families use the pension to pay children who are providing care for free.  Receiving this pension can mean the difference between living at home  or with your child instead of going to a nursing home.

Recent Changes So You Should Start Now

On October 18, 2018, the VA released new rules for non-service connected disability pensions including a lookback rule for the Aid & Attendance Pension.  While these rules were first proposed back in 2015, unlike with Medicaid, the VA has never had a lookback rule or set a net worth limit.

The VA lookback rule establishes a period of 36-months (3 years) in which the VA looks back on asset transfers.  The lookback rule is a monumental change in how asset transfers are handled. Previously, there was no VA lookback period, nor was there a penalization period for transferring assets for less than fair market value. However, with this new rule, the 36-month lookback period begins on the date of the VA pension application.  If you’re in violation of the lookback rule, an ineligibility period of up to 5 years could occur.

Net worth includes financial assets excluding your home on up to 2 acres of land.  In addition, the new VA rules count annual income as part of one’s net worth. This new lookback rule is intended to prevent veterans and surviving spouses from gifting assets or selling them for less than their value to meet the new net worth (asset) eligibility limit of $127,061 for pension applicants.

Work with an Accredited VA Attorney

With the new VA rules, new planning strategies can be used to lower one’s net worth without violating the new lookback rule. If you have net worth greater than the new set limit of $127,061, or have questions in regards to applying for a VA pension, do not hesitate to contact an Accredited VA Attorney at AlerStallings. Applying for benefits is a complicated, and often times, confusing process. Working with AlerStallings can ensure you’re doing everything correctly to avoid delaying benefits, denial of benefits, or violating the VA’s new rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you make sure your assets are protected from long-term care costs?

What other benefits are out there for Veterans?

The VA offers a wide variety of benefits for Veterans including pensions, healthcare services, long-term care facilities and burial benefits. Contact us to hear about how you may qualify for one or more benefits from the VA.

Can veterans get benefits to pay someone for their at-home care (even a child)?

Yes. In addition to Assisted Living and Nursing Home care, the Aid and Attendance Pension pays for at-home care too. With the appropriate documentation in place, you can even pay one of your children for their time and effort if they are providing care at your home.