Passing of a Loved One

Aler Stallings

When a loved one passes away, many legal issues arise. If you find yourself as a beneficiary, executor, or trustee, steps needs to be taken to address creditors, a will that must be probated, a trust to be administered, property transfers, and a variety of taxes.

If you’re coping with a loss and aren’t sure how to begin the probate process, determine if a will is valid, or understand what is involved in trust administration, give us a call.  The process of transferring assets can result in legal complications, and create liability for the executor or trustee. Avoid making mistakes with an estate settlement.

Locate Estate Planning Documents

If your loved one created an estate plan, there should be instructions regarding how they would like their body to be treated, how they would like to be memorialized, and what should be done with their property. Estate planning documents, like wills and trusts, are often kept with other important paperwork. If the plan was drafted by an attorney at AlerStallings, we will often have a copy of these documents. If no estate plan exists, you and your family members will have to make some important decisions based on what you believe your loved one would have wanted.

How Can AlerStallings Help?

We represent executors who are named in the will and who have responsibility for initiating probate, managing assets, and overseeing asset transfers.  As an executor or trustee, you have enormous responsibility to see that property is cared for, and transferred to the named beneficiaries.

In addition, we provide representation to relatives or friends who believe they should have inherited assets, or who believe a problem with the will occurred. If you want to challenge the will, or argue for its validity after it is challenged, we can help you make your case.

Lastly, we provide assistance with trust administration, and other issues arising after a loved one’s passing. Whether your loved one left behind a will, engaged in estate planning, or simply passed away without a plan, we can help.