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When a loved one is considering, or entering a nursing home, a number of concerns quickly arise. What’s the appropriate level of care? How you are going to pay for the expensive care? Many families don’t know where to start or what assets are at risk. Our team can help. We provide planning for care, protection and support so that your family can better navigate what is often a complicated and overwhelming long-term care situation.

Going into a nursing home can be overwhelming for a family. You may have already figured out how expensive it can be.  With questions ranging from cost to location to quality to care, you may not know where to start.  We’re here to help you navigate this process. Here at AlerStallings, we can assist you utilizing our proprietary CPS Nursing Home Navigation System.

C is for Care

Our CPS Nursing Home Navigation System starts with Care. We begin with an assessment, determining or confirming where care should occur.  Once the location is determined, we address placement and implementation.  We consider in-home care, assisted living options, and skilled nursing home care, depending on need.  Lastly, we explore the private and public options to pay for this care.

P is for Protection

Long-term care can be expensive.  Most families want to maximize protection of assets to avoid impoverishing a healthy spouse and maximize the assets that stay in the family.  We focus on three areas of protection: Probate protection, Tax protection, and Long-term Care protection.

We start by setting up the assets to avoid the delay and cost of probate at death.  We then evaluate retirement assets and real estate to minimize or avoid unnecessary income tax and capital gains tax.  In short, our clients pay the least amount of tax possible.  Lastly, we focus on long-term care protection.  We minimize the spending down of assets, maximize the income for the healthy spouse, and protect assets for the family.

S is for Support

Support is the fuel for our CPS Nursing Home Navigation System.  We’re not simply a law firm.  Our Care Team includes Benefits Advocates and Licensed Social Workers.  We remove the frustration of handling what can be hundreds of pages of government applications.  We also provide Lifetime Support, which ensures our clients have the peace of mind knowing they can call us whenever they have a question.  Lastly, we’re there to deal with reviewing bills, Medicare questions, and issues that arise with care providers.
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