Medicaid and VA Application Support

Aler Stallings

Completing the paperwork for Medicaid benefits or the VA Aid & Attendance Pension application can be overwhelming. You’ve no doubt heard horror stories of losing everything, lengthy applications, and dealing with government caseworkers.

That’s why the team at AlerStallings is here to assist you. We have helped hundreds of clients deal with eligibility for VA Aid & Attendance and Medicaid. Our job is to help you explore your options, gain eligibility as quickly as possible, and take the burden off of your family.


Medicaid is administered by the Ohio Department of Medicaid through the local county Department of Job and Family Services. Federal and state law establishes Medicaid requirements. Unfortunately, the Medicaid system is a maze of complicated rules and even more complicated exceptions. The application process can be overwhelming for the family. Applications are often denied based on a failure to meet income and asset requirements or a failure to provide complete documentation. 

With our propriety CPS Nursing Home Navigation System, we navigate you through this dangerous maze. We help you avoid costly mistakes. Our start-to-finish help includes preparing and supporting your Medicaid application and attending Medicaid appointments on your behalf. No more worries. Only peace of mind. Let us fix your mistakes before it’s too late.

VA Applications

Planning ahead for the Aid & Attendance Pension is crucial with the October 2018 changes from the VA. With changes in rules comes the likelihood of mistakes. And with the VA pension paying up to $2,230 per month and a one-year penalty in play, an error on a VA application can be a $25,000 mistake! At AlerStallings, we determine eligibility beforehand, and prepare a complete application so that it gets approved the first time, every time.  

Here to Help

Our team of attorneys, benefits advocates, and licensed social workers meet with our clients to collect the required information for their Medicaid and VA applications. For your convenience, we maintain a statewide practice with 12 offices to serve clients throughout Ohio. Give us a call to discuss how AlerStallings can take the burden off your family when it comes to these applications.