Level of Care Assessment

Aler Stallings

The Ohio Medicaid PASSPORT Waiver program allows seniors that require a nursing facility level of care to remain living at home, or the home of a family member, and receive care in those locations.

The Assisted Living waiver program is another long-term care option for Medicaid recipients and offers an alternative to nursing facility placement. These program are statewide, Medicaid-funded programs.  

Do I Need a Level of Care Assessment?

Enrollment in a Medicaid waiver program is determined with a level of care assessment completed by different Ohio agencies.  Area Agency on Aging oversees the PASSPORT Waiver program and the Assisted Living Waiver program. PASSPORT services, for individuals 60 and older, include adult day care programs, accessibility adaptations, home-delivered meals, personal emergency-response systems, specialized medical equipment and supplies, chore assistance, independent-living assistance, nutritional consultation, personal-care services, social work and counseling, and transportation. The Assisted-Living Waiver allows individuals to reside in and receive services from a licensed residential care facility. 

If you’re in need of these serves, the assessment process will provide you with information about your long-term care options. Your assessor will also determine your eligibility for the PASSPORT or Assisted Living Waiver programs and initiate a care plan. 

What Does a Level of Care Assessment Include?

In Ohio, a Level of Care Assessment involves an interview and a review of your overall health. While you can provide much of the required information, the Medicaid assessor may also gather information from your physician, caregiver, authorized representative, or medical records. 

What Is Assessed?

The assessment covers a number of topics, including your health history, allergies, medications, ability to do daily living activities, and your behavior. Your ability to do daily living activities includes your overall mobility, and your ability to dress, eat, and bath. These abilities are rated as no help required, supervision required, or hands on care required. The behavior section includes evaluating your mental and emotional state. The assessor will note any disorientation, aggression, forgetfulness, and other conditions that affect your health.

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