Death of Loved One

Aler Stallings

What To Do Now?

AlerStallings is unique.  They feel like a friend.  They don't put on the "superior" act as other attorneys.

-Sylvia Hiris, Perrysburg, Ohio

There was none of the arrogance you get with a lot of law firms. It was just a great experience.  

-Hal Ackley, West Liberty, Ohio

I feel so much more confident and knowledgeable about these kinds of affairs after working so closely with Steve.

-Marjorie Wolfe, Columbus, OH

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do if your family is fighting over an estate?

These matters are often particularly emotional, and can be very stressful for all parties involved. Unfortunately, these disputes typically involve court proceedings. So in most situations it imperative to retain experienced counsel as soon as possible to ensure your that your interests are protected.

After a death, do you need to File a Tax Return?

What is the probate process and how much does it cost?

Probate begins when the will of a deceased person is given to an attorney. Sometimes, attorneys even keep the original at their office. The attorney then delivers it to the judge at the county courthouse and the legal process begins. Legal notices are then placed in the newspaper notifying creditors of the deceased’s passing and that claims on the estate may be filed. Then you wait six months, hopefully. The forms and trips to the court finally stop and the case can be closed. An AARP nationwide study found that probate proceedings cost 5-10% of the estate’s value. Shockingly, with proper planning this entire process can be completely avoided with the right attorney. Choose wisely.