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Don't Bet the Farm - Using an LLC to Protect Your Family

Don’t Bet the Farm – Using an LLC to Protect Your Family


A farm business or operation can take the form of any number of business entities. Traditionally, farms were either sole proprietorships or partnerships. A number of farms, both large and small, began incorporating (into either s-corp’s or c-corp’s) several decades ago. With favorable changes in the law with regard to LLCs in Ohio, many farmers have begun taking advantage of the many benefits that come with establishing a farm LLC.

Unauthorized Practice of Law – Financial Professionals & Medicaid Planning


The Supreme Court of Ohio issued an advisory opinion at the end of 2011 pertaining to the unauthorized practice of law as it relates to Medicaid Planning.  The Court outlines what financial professionals (non-attorneys) CAN and CAN NOT do when it comes to creating Medicaid plans for their clients.

This opinion should serve as …