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Brandon Finley

Drafting and Applications Manager

Servicing clients in: Columbus

Each client case is different. Every family has different needs and areas to tend to. We are able to create plans for each unique case to help solve their current problems, and then continue to stay by their side for life.

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Estate Planning




We not only design, deliver, and prepare planning documents, but we are able to support those same documents for the rest of our clients’ lives.

Why did you choose this type of law?

This is one of the few areas of law where a client can truly have a lifelong lawyer. The lawyer and client establish a unique relationship compared to the other practice areas because this is not a one time deal. 


Everything begins with the client. 


The lawyer helps the client through a potentially vulnerable period in the client’s life, and that relationship is maintained until it is time to effect their wishes in their estate.


Columbus Bar Association



Ohio State Bar Association


University of Cincinnati, Walsh University (B.A.),

The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law (J.D.)

Fast Facts

When not in the office, Brandon considers himself to be a Renaissance man. He is as comfortable riding his motorcycle as he is building his next gaming computer. His down time includes baking dessert, sampling sour ales, and reading fiction.

Formal Bio

Brandon hails from Canton (Louisville), Ohio. He has spent time around the country from Omaha to Jacksonville working in title work. While he enjoyed his time learning and working outside of Ohio, there is no place like home. Now, he practices law to draft estate planning documents and connect clients to government aid.

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